LeGogo offers to the public of Romania a new concept ready-to-wear that is unique and original – Marlu, created exclusively for reasons of style, quality and delicacy. Marlu based creations are originality, innovation elements used in design and high quality fabrics. All of this are recommending LeGogo products, giving them a touch of subtle exclusivity, kindly offered to children and their. Marlu is a brand that is present on the international market for more than 25 years. Meanwhile, it was noted not only by the quality of the submitted articles interested by  public, but also by participating – along with prestigious fashion houses – fairs dedicated range "Baby Fashion" for Italian high fashion.

Textures, materials pleasant to the touch, hand applied decorative details, contours and harmonious lines help to positions collections of clothes and accessories for babies in the international charts of elegance and refinement. The new line of clothing "haute couture" creations include the ceremony, which displays a refined style, models flashing charming and wonderful accessory items.

The company guarantees the originality of the products they make available to the interested public, which believes that will appreciate the attention to detail and thoroughness with which the elements of style and color are combined in the proposed collections.

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